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Facebook Ad Account Topup

Facebook Ad Account Topup

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NoteIf you don't input the ad account id that you want to topup, we will not handle your order.

Step 1: If you don't have our ad account, pls contact us create a ad account for you

Step 2: Submit your ad account id and topup money

Step 3: Place a Order

Step 4: We will send you a order confirmation and topup successfully

Step 5: You can start to run ad

You must know:

  1. Please keep your account and password for this website safe, including your Facebook account password. We will not be held responsible for any losses caused by hackers.
  2. Once we have completed the recharge, we will notify you (via Email, Skype message, etc.). When you receive the notification, please check the balance of your ad account. If the recharge is unsuccessful, please contact us in time.
  3. Please keep your Ad account id safe. You must provide the Ad ID you want to recharge when recharging. If you do not provide it, we will refuse to recharge for you.
  4. Once our product is purchased, unless you have not used it, we will not be able to provide a full refund for you.

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